5 Cool Custom Wooden Wine Boxes

When it comes to choosing a wine box, it is easy to get lost in the endless oceans of what is offered. Choosing wooden wine boxes can be as crucial as finding a good wine. O.k., maybe not of the same importance, however it is important. If you're giving a wine box as a gift or even if you're keeping it for yourself and your collection, there are more than a few options available. 

Custom wine boxes of various prices are available on many online retailers. Ranging from least expensive to most, we could look at the Canada Maple LeafWood Texture Wine Bottle Box as is listed here starting at only $11.90. This site also offers many different designs in the same style, or different. The option to personalize, is also available. For a great, one-of-a-kind find, you may find yourself some real treasures at etsy.com such as the beautiful wooden wine boxes found at OriginalMoneky and only costing $28.55. A great selection that is just a bit above the previous price range, would be the updated and hip wooden wine box found here: at boxforabottle.com at a nice price of $59.00; this wooden wine box is sure to offer a smile or giggle at any gathering. And if you were one to be impressed by the custom creations that can be found on sites as Etsy, then don't stop at one artist, but take a look around. The talented artists at arrowsarah , where their work puts a beautiful custom wood wine box at $95.00 and upward, with options of various locks. Most Etsy shops ship all over the world, making it easy to purchase from a small business while getting a beautiful piece of art unlike any others.

At wineenthusiast.com, you will find a very elegant unfinished Aspen wooden wine box. This is a real beauty that can be custom made to fit any name, or saying. This is a great custom wooden wine box for a nice price of $179.95.

Consider Your Wood Options

As many options as there are in custom wood wine boxes, there are also many options of wood to consider for a custom wood wine box. Most common woods for wooden and custom wood wine boxes are Pine, Poplar and Redwood that are soft woods. While giving a soft touch and a lighter weight, they also show impressions over time, much easier. Whereas Oak, Birch and Maple are denser, heavier and harder, allowing for a durable and long lasting product. Now that you've found a custom wood wine box, pour a glass and relax!